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5W power supplying speed, same as the wired.
Plug anycharge power receiver into your phone, put on the charger and... voila!
Qi wireless charing standard adopted, supporting built-in wireless charging feature of mainstream smartphones 1


15W charging speed, the fastest on the planet 2
Scan QR code of the charger with anycharge app to enable.
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1. Supported models includes Samsung Galaxy S8,、iPhone 8、iPhone X, etc. No external power receiver needed。
2. Qualcomm QC 2.0 fast charging technology employed in the "extreme mode". However, the actual charging speed differs among smartphone models. The average speed is faster than 10W.

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Cloud Management

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anycharge Operation System
anycharge Operation System
Simple yet powerful, managing wireless charging service has never been such easy.
From stores to chargers, the weekly, daily, even hourly usage, are clear at a glance.
Charger Monitoring
Charger Monitoring
The easiest way to get the status of anycharge wireless chargers, you can even control the power switch and the charging speed remotely.
anycharge Wireless Chargers + Operation System
anycharge Wireless Chargers + Operation System
The perfect match, the ultimate solution to your wireless charging service.



Qi Wireless

By Victor Corda - June 20, 2016

Taiwan Embraces Qi Wireless Charging

The Taiwan Association of Information and Communication Standards, also known as (TAICS) has signed an agreement with Wireless Power Consortium, or WPC, to help boost the development of Qi wireless charging standard making it a more common site. This should help made a Qi wireless charging ecosystem in Taiwan.
This announcement should make Taiwan-based companies with Qi wireless charging products boost their productivity and earnings with TAICS backing up their endeavour. This may also have other companies start making their own wireless charging products to bring out to the market.
HTC, one of the biggest companies based in Taiwan, has obtained an approval from the Taiwan government to start a wireless charging network project in Taiwan by making Qi wireless charging pads implemented in convenience stores, libraries, and hotels in the country. The project has been penned as Wireless Power Charging A+. [link]


Founded in 2015, Boundless Net is the first wireless charging service operator in Taiwan. With 2 years of development, anycharge, a wireless charging service integrated the world's fastest chargers with powerful sofwares has been released. Based on Qi wireless charging standard, mainstream smartphones including the newest Samsung Galaxy S8 and iPhone X are supported. Besides, mobile app and cloud solutions such as hardware management, user management and value-adding systems not only create an extraordinary experience, but enable diverse applications for enterprises.


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